An accessible audio game for blind and sighted people

Friday, May 08, 2015

In my master’s thesis I created an accessible audio game with JavaScript. It is playable directly in the browser here:

Here’s the abstract (if you’re into it):

The thesis describes the development of a prototype audio game as a web application, in which the game content is conveyed entirely as sound effects by using spatial acoustics and surround sound through stereo headphones. The analysis includes research on the usage of computers, computer games and web applications by visually impaired and blind consumers. Furthermore the auditory perception and sound localization by humans is described. Besides the analysis of social inclusion and accessibility in web applications and computer games a selection of audio games is introduced. Potential audio and audio game frameworks are introduced, analyzed and compared. The result is a prototype written in object oriented JavaScript using the web browser interface Web Audio API. The resulting audio game is pursuing an accessible approach and is likewise playable by visually impaired, blind and sighted players. This research concludes with the analysis of performed usability tests of the prototype.